Caldera’s RNA-based technology could be used to not only identify prostate cancer, but also to accurately differentiate between indolent and aggressive cancers.

≥ 50 Years Old

The Gleason score gold standard

The Gleason score given upon histological examination of a prostate biopsy sample is the current gold standard for the diagnosis and prognosis of prostate cancer. Currently, men with a biopsy Gleason scores of 6, low PSA score and normal digital rectal examination (DRE), are deemed low risk. Gleason 7 or above tumours are considered more aggressive cancers which require immediate treatment. However, the biopsy can miss a tumour and also carries the risk of downstream side effects such as infection or incontinence.


Combining Caldera’s expertise

By combining Caldera’s expertise of developing gene signatures with Caldera’s ability to extract vesicles from urine, Caldera believes it will be able to develop a prognostic gene signature to differentiate between indolent (Gleason 6) and more aggressive tumours (Gleason 7 and above).

Recently Caldera has identified a preliminary gene signature that delivered sensitivity and specificity above 90% on tissue samples. Although the test set is small the results are very promising, and the urine samples will be tested in Q3 2018 to determine the accuracy in urine.

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