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Caldera Health develops prostate cancer diagnostic tools to fundamentally change the way clinicians detect and monitor the disease.

Since 1990 treatment for prostate cancer has relied on the PSA test, biopsies and Gleason scores to diagnose and stage prostate cancers. 

While PSA testing is currently the best screening option, the high rates of false positives makes its use controversial for screening and guidelines vary by country.

Caldera Health is developing a non-invasive urine test to accurately and reliably detect prostate cancer. The test analyses RNA biomarkers to identify genetic changes occurring in different forms of cancer, allowing for a more accurate test result. It represents a potential game changer for prostate cancer screening.

Team and skills

Caldera has assembled a multidisciplinary team with skills in biology, molecular technologies, and bioinformatics. Initial technology development was led by one of the founders, Dr. Jim Watson.

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Caldera welcomes discussions with potential collaborators, partners, patients and with clinicians. Please get in touch!

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