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Caldera Health’s mission is to develop highly accurate prostate cancer diagnostic and prognostic tests. The tests analyse  levels of selected RNA biomarkers. Together these form gene signatures that enable diagnosis of prostate cancer and prognosis of disease progression.

What they’re saying about us

A privately owned New Zealand biotech company has made huge progress in developing a replacement for the PSA prostate cancer test


What we do

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the second most prevalent cancer, and current screening tests are inadequate.


Caldera Health is developing a non-invasive test to accurately and reliably detect prostate cancer, and then determine the risk of aggressiveness.


Caldera uses RNA biomarkers isolated from vesicles to accurately detect if cancer is present or not.


Caldera Health is an active NZ biotech company, please follow our updates here.

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Caldera welcomes discussions with potential collaborators, partners, patients and with clinicians. Please get in touch!

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