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Caldera Health founder steps down as Director of Science

The Chairman of Caldera Health, Dr Alastair MacCormick has announced that Dr Jim Watson will be stepped asiding from his role as Director of Science, citing health issues, and has resigned as a Director of the company which he founded with Dr Richard Forster in 2009. Both changes will be effective 28 February 2015.

“Jim has led this company since its formation,” said Dr MacCormick. “He will continue to maintain a strong interest in its progress and to be associated with its work. However he has personal matters to attend to which preclude him from continuing his current level of day-to-day involvement.”

Read the full announcement here.

November 2014 Newsletter to Shareholders

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Tackling a killer

Idealog‘s Matt Philp reports on Caldera Health’s progress and the passing of Dr Richard Forster.

Image from Tackling a Killer (3) (A)

It’s been a bitter-sweet start to 2014 for Caldera Health, the Auckland company bidding to develop a new diagnostic tool for prostate cancer. Early signs that that first round of clinical trials are likely to produce a positive result have been overshadowed by the death in January of co-founder, Dr Richard Foster, one of our most brilliant and entrepreneurial scientists and arguably best known publicly for his founding role with biofuel venture, LanzaTech.

Forster’s death leaves his Caldera co-founder Jim Watson to carry on the quest to produce a more reliable test for the second biggest cancer killer of Kiwi men. It was anger at the misdiagnosis of their prostate cancer that inspired the two scientists to launch Caldera in 2009.

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Graham Watt joins Caldera Health as Managing Director


Prostate cancer diagnostics company, Caldera Health, has appointed Graham Watt as managing director.

Caldera’s Chairman, Dr Alastair MacCormick, says that Graham’s knowledge of the global diagnostics market, his experience in the industry and his extensive international networks will be invaluable for the company.

“Graham has an understanding of the global medical diagnostics industry and an unmatched network of connections,” said Dr MacCormick. “He brings many years of experience in diagnostic business development and the structuring of high growth organisations. We’re delighted to have lured Graham out of retirement to join the board and head the business.”

Mr Watt has 40 years’ experience in medical diagnostics, mainly in senior international management roles with global leader, Roche Diagnostics.

Read the full announcement here.

PROSTATE SCIENTISTS: A life and death double act

On Prostablog, Jim Tucker profiled Caldera’s founders, Drs Jim Watson and Richard Forster.

(Posted on August 2, 2009. Excerpted here by kind permission of Jim Tucker.)

One has identified a novel prostate cancer-stopping compound he’s about to trial on himself, while the other is looking at genes to see why he and his family get a rare and undiscoverable version of the disease:


Jim Watson (left) and Richard Forster (right) are a double act.

This pair of late middle-aged men – one tall, the other compact, both fit-looking – could be about to present a comedy show, so polished and warm is their demeanour.

But there’s nothing funny about what they’re about to tell us.

In fact, it’s a matter of life and death. Theirs – and quite possibly that of millions of men around the world.

Drs Jim and Richard are eminent New Zealand scientists, and they both have advanced prostate cancer.