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Caldera Health asks men to give biopsy sample to help prove prostate cancer test

Fiona Rotherham reports in NBR on Caldera’s seeking biopsy sample from Kiwi men to help prove it’s prostate cancer test.


Graham Watt

Friday 18th September 2015 – Caldera Health, a New Zealand biotech company working on a gene-sequencing replacement for the world’s most widely used prostate cancer test, is seeking more biopsy sample from Kiwi men to help prove its concept.

Caldera managing director Graham Watt said he wants at least 50 samples by the end of the year though would eventually like to build up to at least 200 to help prove the credibility of its proprietary gene-sequencing test.

The medical diagnostic firm has been receiving a few samples by working in conjunction with Auckland urologists, but Watt said it’s not sufficient for its needs and is now asking me throughout New Zealand to also give their permission for the company to be sent a slither of their biopsy sample when they’re presenting with possible prostate cancer.

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