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PROSTATE SCIENTISTS: A life and death double act

On Prostablog, Jim Tucker profiled Caldera’s founders, Drs Jim Watson and Richard Forster.

(Posted on August 2, 2009. Excerpted here by kind permission of Jim Tucker.)

One has identified a novel prostate cancer-stopping compound he’s about to trial on himself, while the other is looking at genes to see why he and his family get a rare and undiscoverable version of the disease:


Jim Watson (left) and Richard Forster (right) are a double act.

This pair of late middle-aged men – one tall, the other compact, both fit-looking – could be about to present a comedy show, so polished and warm is their demeanour.

But there’s nothing funny about what they’re about to tell us.

In fact, it’s a matter of life and death. Theirs – and quite possibly that of millions of men around the world.

Drs Jim and Richard are eminent New Zealand scientists, and they both have advanced prostate cancer.